wearablesticker – 特殊技術を採用したマスクや繊維製品に貼れるグラフィックシールです。
wearablesticker wearablesticker wearablesticker
本製品は特殊開発の技術により、『マスクや鞄、靴や繊維製品に自由に貼ることができるステッカー』です。従来は貼り付かなかった素材や凸凹面にご使用になれますので、いままで貼りにくかった、服や鞄、靴や、不織布などの凸凹面に貼り付きます。時間をおくことで、よりしっかりと貼り付くので、通常のステッカーに比べ断然はがれにくいです。 お気に入りのグラフィックとアイテムを気分に合わせて自由にカスタムし、コーディネートの新たな主役に加えてください。

Created with specially-developed technology, this product is a type of sticker that can be freely stuck to items of clothing. These stickers are also washable. The ink in these stickers is combined with a special adhesive and given sealing properties, the result of technology that is unique to Japan.

The functionality of the special adhesive allows it to be used on materials that conventional adhesives cannot stick to, as well as on uneven surfaces. This means that it can adhere to the uneven surfaces of clothing, bags, shoes, non-woven fabrics, and other items that had previously been difficult to stick things on. When left in place, these stickers will adhere more securely, making them more resistant to peeling off than ordinary stickers.